As much as I would like to, I don’t exactly qualify myself as a seasoned traveler…who am I kidding, I don’t qualify myself as an intermediate traveler. I spent a decent portion of my childhood going on family trips to the middle-class trifecta: Florida, New York, and the beach (really…

A Persistent GLOW:

A Letter to GLOW and How It Influenced My Life

My obsession with GLOW began shortly after I watched the first episode when it aired in the summer of 2017 on Netflix. I don’t recall exactly when the intrigue set within me, whether it was the appeal…

As most people that have ever been around kids know, they are honest…really honest. If you’re ever unsure about something you are wearing or how you look in general, they will be the first to tell you the unfiltered and brutally unapologetic truth. For instance, I once had a sweet little girl talking to me on the playground when she suddenly asked what the red spots on my face were. Talk about a confidence boost. I have received a judgmental up down from a boy when he noticed some dog hair on my pants and declared that he could tell I had pets at home.

There is really no telling what and how a child will say something, but you can trust that it will be straightforward.

I decided to put these experiences in writing because I wanted to provide a glance into the lives of those in the education field. I don’t by any means consider myself qualified to tell what it is to work in education. …

I watched a woman eat a banana backwards the other day.

I looked on as she casually peeled from the end up.

I hesitated as it happened and couldn’t help but to notice another man do the same thing.

They were refugees.

She had a canary colored wrap on her head that almost appeared to be a dish towel.

He was slim, but not fragile with a smile painted beneath coal colored eyes.

The woman paced by me and stretched a grin that met my soul.

I soon came to the conclusion that the banana wasn’t backwards.

I’m 22 and a recent college graduate with the mask of “I’m taking a gap year while applying to graduate school” concealing the confused smile behind my seemingly convincing facade. I am spending the summer living in my sister’s apartment in Carlsbad, California because my mom was sure it would…

May She Wander

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